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From Renee Zeno:


Who is Renee Zeno?: 

I have seen this area that I love fall to neglect. I have seen a mass exodus of citizens leaving the area for better opportunities and higher wages.  I have seen the annihilation of the middle class community and more people slip into poverty.  I continue to see more abandoned buildings and crumbling streets than ever before and the numbers are only continuing to rise. I have witnessed the rise in street gang violence, petty crime offenders and drug use.  However, I only seem to hear about more money being thrown at Buffalo's waterfront (Half of the remaining budget) while the communities surrounding this area and others are suffering. Tourism and waterfront development are great and should continue to grow, however if the residents surrounding a tourist destination are neglected and falling into squalor, who is really benefiting?


A representative of the people should listen to the people and speak and work on their behalf.  Especially for those that do not possess the money and power to make have their needs met and voices heard.  I am trying to reach out to all the people living in my district to hear of what problems they face and to see what we can do together to make our communities great again. 

This is no longer about party lines. This is about unity, community and togetherness.  I know that with a great partnership between the local and state officials and myself, we can bring District 26 into a new day of prosperity and growth.  This race is not about wealth or notoriety for me.  It’s about helping the districts' citizens restore their neighborhoods and beautiful communities. 

Interest in Securing Our Schools: 

 I will make it my duty to find the means necessary to secure our schools without our communities having to raise taxes.  I believe the following can be found through conservative means and measures:  Funding for metal detection in doorways, resource officers, and revising school safety procedures.  Furthermore, the revision of safety procedures would be beneficial with the inclusion of hazard planning and increased communication in conjunction with our local police and fire departments. 

As teen mental health further develops into crisis, violence has ensued more and more frequently.  Unfortunately, this crisis is not subsiding.  It is only getting worse.  Our schools need our support and protection.  There is no reason why any child, teacher, administrator, or grounds worker should have to feel afraid while on the job or there for the purpose of receiving an education.  No parent should have to worry that they may never see their child again after dropping them off at school.  They should not have to wonder when their child's school will be the next soft target under attack.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: 

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has already shown stimulated growth and investment to everyone's benefit.  African-American & Latino unemployment alone has hit record lows.   

https://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000006   - Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Series Title: Unemployment Rate - Black or African American.  On the Internet at: https://data.bls.gov  (visited August 5, 2018)

With a promise of investment in infrastructure by this administration, Western New York communities can expect to see a positive inflow and increased prosperity.  This, while helping us take control of our lives through development, dedication, personal achievement, and pride in our neighborhoods.  As a new voice in congress, I would make certain that our communities received their deserved and necessary attention, making them just as big  of a priority as improving Buffalo's waterfront.  

For Our Military and Veterans:  

The strength of The United States of America lies in our military.  We cannot protect the lives of the citizens of this country without the brave men and women of our armed forces.  Their self-sacrifice, dedication, and courage should always be honored and well-respected.  As a member of congress, I would never forget our military and veterans when it comes to funding and support.  They are our backbone and we should be theirs.  

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and get the word out to the communities of District 26. Your generous donation will fund our mission!

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