Where She Stands on the issues

Pathway To Prosperity

Renee Zeno believes we need to keep our focus on free market growth and limited government spending.  She is supportive of President Trump's reducing trade deficits as with re-negotiating NAFTA and other trade agreements.  As a former U.S. Customs auditor, she has witnessed first-hand, the imbalance and inequities of these agreements as they were and has seen the unfortunate results.  Continuous work and dedication to implement new policy within these agreements, will help keep the direction headed towards prosperity instead.  We're already seeing results.  

Therefore she supports President Trump's stance on re-negotiating these agreements and helping set the precedent toward individual and financial freedom.   She believes this will help make American great again!

Diminishing Waste, Fraud, & Abuse

Seeking to improve the quality of our social programs and quicken the pace of development & restoration of all of our communities and projects.  This can be done while seeking to eliminate backroom deals, kick-backs, bid-rigging, and other antitrust violations that are negatively affecting small-business participation and opportunities for individual free-market competition.  

National Security and Legal Immigration

According to The Center For Immigration Studies: "92 percent of the MS-13 affiliated aliens arrested were illegal aliens. Of those, 16 percent had entered illegally at least twice." Vaughan, J., 2016, November 3 - MS-13 Arrests by ICE: 2005-2014

National security and legal immigration are crucial.  The most important job our government (or any government) has,  is its responsibility of keeping its citizens safe.  Without the ability to vet immigrants and the decision to deport those that have made it though illegally, the government is not doing its job.  Therefore, Renee Zeno supports President Trump's efforts to keep our borders secured and our citizens safe from harm and horrific acts of violence.  Build the wall!  

Support Of The Second Amendment

Renee Zeno will not support any gun control legislation which restricts the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens, not found to be incompetent or found guilty of a felony. - She will indeed seek and support the repeal of any current state’s laws that violate the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens, such as: NYSafe Act.  

Defending The Sanctity of Life

Renee Zeno is firmly against any codification or expansion of full-term abortion at the state or federal level.  Embracing life through education and by adoption are sound and moral principals to stand on, in her campaign for congress.